taraTara has a deep desire for helping people discover their highest potential and living life they love. 

My story (in a nutshell)
: Growing up with an embedded love for music and self expression, I was constantly coming up with new dances and skits and preferred to “cartwheel” my way through life.
 As a teen, that spirit was nearly extinct and like most people my age I became extremely self conscious of my body to the point of hate and spite. Man growing up is rough!
 This continued throughout
 high school until I finally got fed up and wanted to just be happy and free again.In 2004, I was working at a gym and got talked into my first yoga class which unknowingly changed my life.
 I was hooked, and soon after embarked upon a journey of self discovery leading me to live everywhere from New York to Hawaii.
I continued my yoga practice throughout the years, but was seeking a bit more freedom and expression in my life.In 2011 I came across a brand new concept called BUTI. After one class I was hooked! It spoke to my soul and my body soon followed as I became stronger and more empowered than ever before!
 I have a completely new outlook on myself and others. This class has unlocked years of suppression, healed emotional scars and brought me back to my youth.
 I love teaching this class and watching others feel the same way I felt and continue to feel each time I step on the mat.